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Kid with bird mask
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Art means for me: Be on the lookout. Perceive. Listen - not with your ears.

Humanity. Authenticity. Spontaneity. Vulnerability.

Reflection. Transformation. Lead & Follow. The flow at the moment.

Expression. Meditation and struggle.

According to possibilities to overcome the limit

between you and art.

There are many ways of getting in touch.....

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More and more bird species are threatened with extinction. More than 110 species are threatened not only by industrialized agriculture, but above all by climate change. Bird populations are currently declining. Insect and habitat availability is becoming scarcer. The increasing number of winterers and flexible species that return to their breeding grounds earlier are crowding other birds out of their territories... Even as sea levels continue to rise,  the coasts will become less habitable for birds. There are fewer resting places on their journey... the birds' space is shrinking. That's why I'm currently occupied with the bird from a bird's eye view. I want to give him space. He looks at us people questioningly.How do we answer him?

A bird. For me it is a symbol of freedom and longing. Birds live in our immediate vicinity, they sleep on our roofs, visit us at our windows and with their chirping remind us to look up at the sky more often. They are masters of navigation and storm-proof nest building. They probably arouse my wanderlust, because deep down we humans are also normads. We are not really sedentary, we are also drawn to vacation, the south, the distance.

The bird and humans

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